Class Descriptions

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Gym’N Fun ages 3-5
This specialized program offers children the opportunity to develop their physical and social skills. The first hour of this program is spent creating crafts, working on puzzles, and story time. The following hour is spent developing physical skills on the different pieces of gymnastic equipment. This program offers one hour of playschool combined with one hour of artistic gymnastics.

Parent & Pee Wee ages 18mos-2 ½
This gymnastic program is a parent and child-centered program. Parents are actively involved with their children while the children walk on the beam, swing on the bars and bounce on the trampoline. This class is offered one time a week for one hour.

This is a one-hour class offered once a week. Each class begins with a musical warm up followed by an activity that develops children’s hand-eye coordination. The focus of this program is to develop motor skills through gymnastics. Kids in this program have the opportunity to work on all of the different apparatus, including beam, bars and trampoline. What is unique about the Kindergym program at Altadore is that we have specialized equipment for young children. Our program is also broken down into stages to meet their specific developmental needs. Squirts ages 3-4, Tykes ages 4-5

Pre CanGym age 5
Pre CanGym is a program created for children who have participated in the Kindergym program but are too young to enter our Recreation program. This program offers children the chance to participate in a more advanced gymnastic program. This program is an hour and a half, once a week. Although kids in this program do not receive a Can Gym badge they receive a special gymnastic badge to reward their effort. Children must be a minimum of 5 years of age and have participated in a minimum of two sessions of our Kindergym program.

CanGym ages 6-16
CanGym is a program designed by Gymnastics Canada Gymnastique. It is a developmental program that allows kids to develop their skill level starting at a beginner level and advancing to a higher level of skill acquisition. Children must be 6 years of age to participate in this program. Once kids enter this badge program the classes are no longer co-ed. Girls work on vault, bars, beam, floor and trampoline. Boys work on floor, pommel horse, rings, vault, parallel bars, high bar and trampoline. This program is an hour and a half long, once a week.

Gym ‘N Dance ages 6-16
This program offers kids the opportunity to experience the benefits of gymnastics and dance. This class will combine one hour of gymnastics with a half hour of dance. At the end of the session the kids will perform a dance routine in combination with gymnastics. This program is offered to kids in the beginner & intermediate levels.

Canjump [Tumbling and Trampoline] ages 6-16
This program is designed for kids who love to bounce. Kids in this program get the opportunity to work on the double mini trampoline, trampoline and the rod floor. This is an excellent program for kids of all ages, sizes and abilities. This program is offered one time a week for one hour and a half and is co-ed.

Gymfest Group ages 9-16
This program is available to athletes who are in an intermediate or advanced recreation level. The Gymfest group performs a group routine at the Western Gymnnastrada recreation event. Girls continue to work towards their CanGym badges as well. These athletes train 3 hours per week for 10 months.

Demo Team ages 6-17
The Demo Team travels to venues throughout Calgary, promoting Altadore & the sport of gymnastics. The Demo Team is a 10month long program. Athletes must tryout on a yearly bases for this team, or be invited by the Demo Team Head Coach. These athletes train 4 hours/week. Beg, Into, & Adv. Levels.

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