About Us

The Altadore Gymnastic Club is a parent-operated, non-profit society whose purpose is to provide artistic gymnastics as well as trampoline and tumbling classes to the public at both a recreation and competitive level.

Altadore Gymnastic Club started modestly in 1967 as an after school activity in the Altadore Elementary School. Steady increases in registrations created the need for larger facilities. In 1977 the club moved to a converted warehouse and became the 2nd club in Canada to have an in-ground pit and one of the first to have full-time salaried professional coaches. This move allowed Altadore to offer recreational gymnastics to thousands of Calgary children and pushed the club into a premier competitive position in Alberta and Canada. Altadore moved into the current facility in August 1995.

The Altadore Gymnastic Club offers a full range of recreational programs from Parent and Tot to adult classes. Programs are offered which promote fun, fitness, and gymnastic fundamentals. We also offer competitive programs focusing on the training and development of athletes who aspire to increase their skill levels.

Qualified coaches provide supervision and training of all children in the gym. All coaches are trained in technical, theory, and practical aspects of coaching as recognized by the National Coaching Certification Program. Every coach at Altadore also is certified in Standard First Aid and CPR. Child to coach ratios are maintained at levels commensurate with the level of training and attention needed, as well as levels set forth by our governing body Alberta Gymnastics Federation (AGF).

Altadore occupies a total of 21,574 square feet at it’s location on 1010, 6303 30th Street S.E.
Altadore has been at this location for approximately 7 years and is pleased to say that over the summer of 2002 Altadore acquired an additional 2374 square feet so the total square footage is 21,574. The additional space was acquired because it was felt that it would better service our competitive and recreation programs

Over the summer recently renovated it’s in-ground pit under the uneven bars. This venture included relining the bottom of the pit as well as fitting it with new foam cubes. Speith Anderson, our equipment supplier, is replacing our foam because it is too hard for our athletes to use. This new foam should be coming soon.

Board of Directors
The Altadore Gymnastic Club is a non-profit organization run by a volunteer board of directors elected every year by the members at a general meeting in June. All parents of children registered in competitive programs at Altadore are members of the club and have a right to vote at that meeting. Directors are elected for a one-year term, from September to August, and number between nine and twelve. At their first meeting in September, the directors choose an executive amongst themselves, i.e. a president, two vice-presidents, a treasurer, and a secretary. The past president is an ex officio member of the executive.

The club holds two general meetings a year, one in January and one in June. The purpose of these meetings is to briefly review the operations of the club over the past six months, present financial statements and discuss plans for the future and other business as needed.

The board is responsible for the overall governance of the club. It meets as required to discuss club policies and required business matters, including a review of the financial statements.

Altadore relies on many hours of volunteer work to keep our organization running as smoothly as it does. Our gym club is always looking for different businesses to support our club through donations. Altadore also seeks out different grants available to not for profit organizations. These grants or donations allow us to help maintain our equipment as well as our club. The cost of running our organization is at about $500,000 per year and this does not include equipment costs.

Altadore has a men and women’s full time head coach, a part time Tumbling and Trampoline head coach, a full time office administrator, a full time recreation director, a part time Kindergym coordinator, a part time business manager and many part time gymnastic coaches. The rest of the work is divided amongst the families. The families help out with gym cleaning, maintenance, the running of gymnastic competitions and numerous fundraising activities. Also included in this are monthly bingo’s and periodic casinos.

Part of Altadore gymnastic Club is Altadore Weightlifting Club. This is a membership that our Adult programs fall underneath.

Upcoming goals for our gym club include
Getting a new 40×40 artistic floor – approximate cost $35,000
Painting the inside of our gym – actual gym and front office space
Altadore is also looking at the possibility of renovating it’s current gym space to include a mezzanine on a upper floor, this way we can utilize more gym space.

A marketing package is in the works for Altadore to have joint ventures with the business community. Altadore hopes to promote health and wellness to the general public. If anyone is interested in supporting Altadore or has any ideas or suggestions please contact us.


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